Our Vision

The central nervous system (CNS) is a terminally differentiated tissue, that can endure injury through many different avenues. The tissue response to such an insult is variable and can range from irreversible destruction to almost complete recovery. The rules that govern these divergent outcomes are still unknown.

Our team of researchers from Munich and Göttingen, ranging from immunologists, neurobiologists to glial biologists, has come together to establish this transregional collaborative research centre to understand and study the biology of the multi-cellular response that determines recovery after CNS injury. 

Our aim is to define the immunological, glial and neuronal checkpoints that faithfully predict the outcome of CNS injuries, and to develop intervention strategies targeting these checkpoints that guide an injured CNS tissue towards recovery.

We strive to uncover and understand the crucial steps, or checkpoints, within the immunological, glial and neuronal response to CNS injury that will ultimately lead to its recovery and repair.


  • 25. April 2024