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Open Call: Clinician Scientists 2025

Post date: March 14, 2024


The TRR274 provides support measures to encourage its researchers to grow in their careers. We strive to aid scientist in their early career stages, but also advanced researchers to develop their career paths.

General information about possibilities for support can be found below. For more detailed information regarding the application process and monetary compensations, please refer to the password-protected internal webpage here:

Or get into contact with the coordination office.

Clinician scientist program

A central goal of the TRR274 is to support early career researchers in the medical field, who wish to pursue a career in science and establish a research profile in CNS regeneration, while also fulfilling their medical residency duties.

  • Early Module: for residents in the early stages of their residency (years 1-3 of their residency)
  • Advanced Module: for clinical residents in late stages of their residency (> 3 years of their residency) 

Both programs offer protected research time, as well as clinical and scientific mentoring/supervision by senior scientists of the TRRR274.

For more information about how to apply, please visit the internal page.

Gender equality & family support

The TRR274 is highly committed to gender equality and implementing family-friendly policies. Our goal is to increase the number of female scientists in advanced scientific positions, support female scientists in advancing their scientific careers and create a family friendly working environment for our members.

Female scientist support:

  • Softskill, seminars & workshops: targeted at improving scientific career advancement & independence or work-life balance
  • Mentoring or coaching programmes: targeted at improving scientific career advancement & independence, i.e. to plan career steps (e.g. Habilitation), to deal with conflicts, to manage time and projects, to expand and build leadership skills
  • Networking events

Parent scientists & Family-friendly polcies

  • Extra funds for hiring student helpers during maternity / parental leave or family caregiving periods.
  • Childcare support outside of regular opening hours of day-care facilities, i.e. on public holidays, school holidays, weekends, later in the evening (and for which the parents can not be available themselves due to TRR-project-specific reasons, e.g. during TRR seminars, retreats etc.)
  • Setting up parent-children rooms at the workplace
  • Childcare support aimed at children for whom there are usually too few childcare places available (usually for children < 3 years of age)
  • Implementation of home-office (i.e. costs for laptops, printers, software etc.); Only applies to home office expenses that are not already covered by university funds (Grundaustattung)
  • Building and purchasing a “Kids Box” (mobile wooden box filled with toys that your children can play with while you are in the office with them)

For more information about how to apply, please visit the internal page.

Young investigator support

The TRR274 aims to support and help their young investigators, both at the PhD and Postdoc level, to advance and solidify their career in the scientific field.

PhD Students

  • Lab Rotations within the labs of the TRR274 to expands skills relevant to a research project or career advancement. For a list of competences, please consult the internal page.


  • Covering costs for workshops, methods courses or other extracurricular activities related to TRR274 projects that will support the scientific work and career
  • Seed funding for specific scientific projects related to the TRR274 that are not yet covered by individual project funds (i.e. first steps into establishing independency)

For more information about how to apply, please visit the internal page.

Welcome office

The TRR274 wants to ease the transition of scientists with diverse cultural backgrounds into our research consortium with the help of a welcome office. The Welcome Office serves as an additional contact point for graduate and postgraduate students that join the TRR274 from abroad and help them navigate administrative issues (e.g. visas and work permits), finding a place to live and to aid their partners and families (e.g. in finding a suitable school or childcare).