TRR 274 on the cover of Neuron

Congratulations to the team of scientists around Ozgun Gokce and Mikael Simons! Their work (and cover art) have made it on the cover the current issue

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New Clinician Scientists: Dr. Lara Marten & Dr. Katharina Eisenhut

As part of ourClinician Scientist Programme, we are happy to welcome and support Dr. Lara Marten and Dr. Katharina Eisenhut as successful applicants to our TRR274 in 2021. The Clinician

Clinician Scientists (3)

New Clinician Scientists: Dr. Johanna Knöferle & Dr. Jonas Franz

As part of our Clinician Scientist Programme, we are proud to welcome and support Dr. Johanna Knöferle and Dr. Jonas Franz as our first successful applicants to

Clinician Scientists (3)