TRR 274 on the cover of Neuron

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Congratulations to the team of scientists around Ozgun Gokce and Mikael Simons! Their work (and cover art) have made it on the cover the current issue of Neuron!

In the paper titled “White matter aging drives microglial diversity” researchers also associated with our project A06 “identify white-matter-associated microglia (WAMs), which form in a TREM2-dependent but APOE-independent manner in aging white matter, where they form nodules that are engaged in phagocytosing damaged myelin. Inside WAMs, these damaged myelin visualized as membranous whorls. Istanbul-based artist Garip Ay created the image using a paper marbling technique—or more specifically, the Turkish method called “ebru” recreated these membranous whorls on water.”

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Enjoy the read!