The TRR 274 granted for a second funding period

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The TRR 274 has received the approval of the DFG, and will continue to receive funding for another 4 years. Spokesperson for the CRC in the upcoming funding period (2024-2027) is Prof. Alexander Flügel. With the new funding period, we will say goodbye to some people, but also welcome some newcomers. Check out our new projects here!

In the first funding period, the focus was on analyzing different damage models and the cellular reactions, changes in the cells and molecular signals that determine the recovery of CNS tissue. Based on these findings, approaches will be pursued in the second funding period that will make it possible to determine generally applicable principles of recovery processes in animal disease models and in human diseases. These findings should form the basis for developing new therapeutic strategies that specifically promote the inner regeneration potential of nerve cells and at the same time limit scarring of the tissue. 

Official Press release from the DFG.