EPO/EPOR signalling in the recovery from brain injury and disease
Ehrenreich/Nave, Clinical Neuroscience, MPI-NAT, Göttingen


In vivo detection and targeting of neuroenergetic checkpoints determining neuronal resilience and function during CNS inflammation 
Kerschensteiner/Misgeld , Institute of Clinical Neuroimmunology/Institute of Neuronal Cell Biology, LUM/TUM Munich


Cellular and molecular checkpoints of circuit refinement following traumatic injuries of the CNS
Bareyre, Institute of Clinical Neuroimmunology, LMU Munich


Brain network remodelling as a checkpoint of recovery after acute retinal injury
Godinho/Portugues, Institute of Neuronal Cell Biology, LMU Munich


Glial checkpoints for neuronal circuitry recovery 
Götz, Dept. of Physiological Genomics, LMU Munich


Understanding checkpoints of interneuron sculpting for neuronal remodelling of microcircuits to promote CNS repair 
Wahl, Institute for Stroke and Dementia Research, Institute of Anatomy, LMU Munich